16 August 2010

Recent Reviews for Zulu Nylon Gear

There have been a number of reviews posted recently that feature some of Zulu's top products. They all come from a different perspective and present some good observations about the use and construction of these Zulu products. Check them out!

Bryan at ITS Tactical wrote up a very detailed review along with pictures and video for his custom discreet style messenger bag. This bag was made custom per his specs and represents many of the options available to those interested in purchasing a bag from Zulu.

The Custom Gear Report brings you a great video review that covers both the use and the construction of the Mega Admin Pouch.

Death Valley Magazine also covered the Mega Admin Pouch with a solid review. This review comes from the perspective of a contractor currently working overseas.

If you are interested in ordering a custom messenger bag or a modified version of any of the other products offered by Zulu, please don't hesitate to email us for a quote! You can purchase the Mega Admin Pouch here and see the Emissary Messenger Bag here.

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