31 December 2009

Mega Admin Available NOW!

Get your Mega while the gettin's good! Coyote Brown and Multicam pouches are shipping NOW! We are also accepting orders for ACU at this time, although they will not ship for a couple more weeks.

One important note- The main difference between this pouch and the design used for the first version is that the map pocket has been replaced with a loop field. The map insert is SOLD SEPARATELY.

Thank you everyone for your patience and Happy New Year! Expect to see a lot of great things coming from ZULU in 2010! We've got more products, awesome shirts and patches, and a brand new website coming soon!

14 August 2009

Mil-Spec Monkey Reviews The Mega Admin

Mil-Spec Monkey has also posted a great review of the Mega Admin Pouch!

Much thanks to the Monkey for taking a look at the Mega Admin!

ITS Tactical Reviews The Mega Admin Pouch

ITS Tactical has posted a fantastic review of the Mega Admin Pouch. They've got a detailed written review, photos, and a video. Take a look!

If you haven't heard of ITS Tactical then you need to check them out! They run a great site with interesting articles on all kinds of tactical/outdoors related topics. ITS is a relatively new site so give them a try and tell your friends about them too.

16 January 2009

Tactical Sun Visor Organizer

This product has been updated and can be purchased HERE.

Tactical MOLLE organizer panel for your vehicle. Wraps around the sun visor, secured with Velcro. One side features a full MOLLE/PALS grid 8 channels across. The other side features a little more MOLLE and various sized slip pockets for CDs or notepads.